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More Musings from the Sunshine State

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More Musings from the Sunshine State

The word has spread in the neighborhood that I am a collector of coins. I have let people know that I “am not a dealer or buyer of coins” but that I will give them an idea of their value. As such, at least every couple of weeks I have someone bring in a stash of coins for me to look at. Some have high expectations, other have low expectations.
Needless to say I see lots of Kennedy halves and Ikes all which are not silver. I am more likely to see silver quarters more than anything else. And of course there is the usual number of well-worn coins that were purchased from mail order houses 40 or 50 years ago. I usually tell folks what to “return to circulation” and what to take to local dealers.
On occasion I do run across some interesting pieces which have value. What is strange in these cases is that people – who have no interest in the coins decide to hold on to them. It is not a case of sentimentality, “Dad, used to go through his coins every Saturday night and had such fun!” but perhaps being stuck in gear. These folks thank me and I tell them if they decide to sell I can recommend several dealers. They nod and I never hear about the coin again.
Recently I came across a grouping of Capped Bust halves. All common dates and nothing better than G-4. I informed the owner (whose husband was the collector and had passed away) that while the value wasn’t spectacular the group was worth a tidy little sum. The answer I got was, “I’ll keep them for a few more years.” I told the owner that that was okay but that when and if she wished we could ship the whole collection off to Small Cents II where I thought she would get a fair price.
More to this—you bet! She told me that she would get a good deal from a local
“Pawnshop”, as the fellow was a friend of a friend! I just shut up but I was flabbergasted that she was more attuned to going to a local pawnshop than a professional coin dealer. Of course pushing the point would have only stiffened her resolve. Perhaps the pawn shop owner is okay but I would never do business that way.
Moral to this story is that if you have a collection make sure that your spouse or heirs has an idea how you want it disposed of.

R. S. “Bart” Bartanowicz
NCC National Correspondent

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Home NCC Library More Musings from the Sunshine State