From The Junk Box

From The Junk Box

Ken Young

Odd, when no one collects a series, now is the time.
The club might ponder the question of over hyped coins, or "key" items, at least in the past that have "tanked."

A couple suggestions; 1960 Lincoln cents, large and small O's.

1950 D nickels. Remember when rolls were going for 250 plus?

1964 silver Kennedy half dollars. Send your kids thru college.

1964 proof sets. Can remember selling some to Tony for 25 bucks each.

Twenty dollar gold, double eagles, in XF, for 750 each.

Indian cents, in "BU" for one hundred plus?

Who, or how are these bubbles created, might be worth some comment.

Remember watching a Rotary Club presentation by the "Lee Investment Co..."
Invest in a portfolio of coins, their pick, and watch the cash roll in.
Done in 1978-9, during the silver craze.

What was that gas about 1904 O dollars, being not found anywhere, until West Point
unloaded an entire vault. Price drop was something like 800 down to 25, and the dealer
with a bank access still made money.

On the other hand, how many New Hampshire Street railway tokens are out there?
And from what towns? Horse drawn streetcars? Electric?

Special bus tokens, student fare. Parking tokens, like "park Free." Portsmouth has done these as promotion several times.

Some weird stuff. Clark's Bear Dens issued tokens. Even NH Turnpikes had a small 15 cent token for the Spaulding Bridge, when it first opened. Seen one recently?

When was the last time you really looked at a New Hampshire "Hard Times" token?
More recent. A lottery "scratch for use" token. Has the Old Man.
Of course, in 20 years, you could be kicking yourself.

Oh, And Dave Bowers still runs full page ads, trying to buy National Bank fronts, on
real photo postcards. I wonder why?