-- Two sizes, 25mm and 23mm
o The 25mm tokens have an average weight of 5.3 grams
o The 23mm tokens have an average weight of 5.1 grams
-- In contrast, NH Highway tokens are 23mm, 4.7 grams
o Amusemsnt tokens probably would not work at the toll boots.

-- Slotted tokens come in both sizes
o Three different patterns of slots.
x Both rounded and angles grooves.
o Galaxy World tokens have a flattening of design at the slots.
x The slots themselves have faint impressions of the obverse.
o The 49th Street Galleria tokens all have "300" on the reverse.
o The Frosty Putter tokens all have a "400" on the reverse.

-- Most tokens state "NO CASH VALUE", or something to that effect.
o Games People Play and NAMCO both state "Non Negotiable / Non Redeemable". Don't buy too many or you won't get your money back!

-- TAMS (Token and Medal Society) is the primary club for token collectors.
o Bob is on the TAMS board and will be glad to sign you up for membership.

-- Most places that issue amusement tokens are hard to locate (many mavericks).
o Some places can be found on the Web.  Worlds Largest Carousel is one of them.

-- There is no comprehensive Amusemsnt Token catalog (as far as I know).

-- Wish I could be there to participate in this fun COTM.